Letter to My Mother

9 Oct
Dear Mom,
How are you today, mom? This is my first time i write a letter to you, yeah this is my first time. Many things change as I‘ve grown up. I’m not your cute baby anymore, i mean i’m not use diapers like i was child. Now, i’m your big boy with a new life and new humor taste. Everything is change but i know something lasting, imperishable, YOUR LOVE.
Sorry mom, I still can’t make carefree smile on your birthday.
Even I can’t say the beautiful words and kiss your forehead or give you full chocolate cake decorated with small candles and we singing together.
As a mother, you are transformed into a perfect figure of an angel in my life, you are a beauty above beauty, flower fairy on flower and exceeding angel.
I have a classic song for you mom, i sing this song with my heart.
“Happy birthday, my mom…
Happy birthday, my mom…
Happy birthday, happy birthday,
happy birthday my mom….”
My lovely mother,
I love you more than anything.
I’m so sorry I have not been able to buy a false leg, but i promise you i will gift you what do you want. I always pray to your health, to your greatest life and all happiness always given by God to our familys. That is more than important for me. Especially for your happiness, mom.
Finally with my heart and all of me i just wanna tell you how much i love you, Mom. I love you, yes i do.
Your Son.

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