4 Oct


I don’t know when,

I don’t know where,

I don’t know why?

I just miss you no matter how much i have try to be batter,

I just miss you.

I can remember your beautiful face when you sleep in the night, beside me.

I can remember when you smile in the morning and say hallo to me with a tired face.

I can remember all of you, all.

And now you gone, leave me alone with the memories.

I just miss you, that all.

I don’t wanna you back and hug me like before,

I don’t wanna you telling ‘i love  you” everyday or “I miss you too’, no i’m not.

I just need you to be happy, with or without my.

I want to say thanks for everything, every time and every moment what do you gift to me in our short memories, that is awesome.

And the end, one more time i want to say i miss you. I miss you so…


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