20 Mar

So many people hate Monday, why? Maybe they never know how to making your Monday so Great.
Lets I show you something about Monday.
Seperti malam-malam sebelumnya gue lebih milih ngabisin malam senin gue di salah satu pusat perbelanjaan di Tangerang, tak jarang banyak pertanyaan “lu ngapain jam segini kesono?” sambil mereka melirik jam yang ada di layar handphone atau jam tangan yang mereka kenakan.
“Beatles night” I say.

What is that?
Well, Beatles night is a mini concert from local band Abadi Soesman in my place every Monday night. Its look like meet up Tangerang Beatles Fans also crazy midnight for old man/woman who tired with they activities.
What its mean to me?
Not realy deference, if I finish doing my job and handle so much stress I will going there. Beatles night not only about people sing together, dance together, laugh or screaming in the same times. For me Beatles night is a brockin your ego, born yourself with the dance however no body care about how bad your dance or how fals your sound like, no body care about your style or you ‘vibrate’ your ass, just have fun. Have fun and have fun. You can jumping dance or classic dance like Elvis at 70 era, just doing what do you want. Let it flow hand in hand with your new friends there, screaming like no one listen to you, let it flow at the dance floor, release your burden and think of ‘this my world’.

Image result for BEATLES NIGHT

Beatles Night itu seperti obat lain tanpa melalui saringan ginjal, olahraga malam yang mampu menjalankan semua otot dari leher hingga ujung jempol kaki. Saat gue udah dilantai dansa dan irama music mengajak seluruh badan gue bergoyang, disanalah semua beban hilang seketika. Gue gak harus bayar mahal buat dapatin obat mujarab itu.

So, Monday is the great day. Lets visit Summarecon Mal Serpong at Monday Night 10.00pm to over (extra times is possible). Im waiting for you and all Beatlesmania to join. Lets dance together, throw away your stress, drink beer and feel like its your World.


#NB: RIPenglish


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